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Knik Glacier ATV Tours Near Anchorage

This land is amazing in so many ways, the trails are great, the machines are a ton of fun, and we just want to share that whole experience of goodness with everyone. That’s what it really boils down to. That and we want to make a living doing what we love, guiding Alaska ATV tours of the Knik Glacier!

WHO: One of your guides, Reed, was born and raised in Alaska. He’s spent his career in the construction industry working on projects throughout the state. His motto is “work to live.” It’s in his email, his license plate, and even tattooed on his hands! He’s very good at sticking to it because he’s always out having fun in the wild, whether it’s hunting, fishing, boating, or 4-wheeling. He’s also a family man with a wife and two sons who he adores. He’s the fun guy who always has everyone laughing.

Eric was born and raised in New Jersey and always dreamed of living in Alaska. He landed here in 2015 and set roots in the Knik Valley because it looked like the coolest place on Earth that was still near civilization. He’s a big nature enthusiast, and after spending over two years cooped up in an Anchorage office, was ready to make a living sharing this amazing place with people who are as enthusiastic about it as he is. Because he moved here fairly recently, Eric still sees things through the eyes of a tourist and that makes him a better guide. Enthusiastic and inspired!

EXPERIENCE: Eric may be from Jersey originally, but he lived Up North in the rural “mountains.” All his life he spent his free time in the woods hiking, mountain biking, etc. He’s been to over 70 national parks, monuments, and forests. Eric has a strong passion for both nature and 4-wheeling.

Reed’s been going on multi-week, remote hunting trips in the Alaska bush since he was a child. His knowledge of the local wilderness and wildlife is unparalleled. He’s also great with people and he’s a heck of a host.

EQUIPMENT: All of the equipment on your Alaska ATV tour will be new. The 4-wheelers are Can-Am Outlanders. We’ll have both single seat and two-seat (tandem) 4-wheelers. The side-by-sides are Can-Am Commanders (all 4-seaters for the 2018 season). Enjoy new helmets, goggles, face-masks and gloves as well. Bluetooth headset communication systems will ensure your group and talk and discuss the experience while in the moment.

THE DIFFERENCE: We have a ton of passion both for nature and ATV-ing. Eric’s a geology freak so he can answer most questions informatively. Guests will have new and overqualified, rugged machines, plus the added benefit of Bluetooth communication systems.

From your guide’s passion and hospitality to the equipment and overall journey, you’re going to be glad you scheduled an Alaska ATV tour with Alaska Glacier Experience.


Alaska ATV Tour with Alaska Glacier Experience

Knik Glacier ATV Tour with Alaska Glacier Experience