Frequently Asked Questions about touring the Knik Glacier on an ATV.

Where and when do we check in?

Check-in for your ATV Tour is at the Knik Public Use Area lot just after the Knik River bridge on the Old Glenn Highway (Directions will be emailed ahead of the tour date).  We meet at 9:00 am for an introduction to the area and the machines. We’ll have a brief safety lesson and hit the trails by 9:30.

What should I wear?

Mud is a guarantee so wear clothing you’re willing to get dirty.  Long sleeves and full-length pants are a must, as are close-toed shoes.  We recommend you wear water-proof boots if possible. You’ll need a warm coat because it is chilly by the glacier even in the dead of summer.  Bring your sunglasses and sunscreen because the sun is strong. Rain gear is something we recommend as well because the weather by the Knik glacier can change quickly.

What gear is provided?

We provide helmets, Bluetooth headsets, goggles, gloves and face masks for your ATV tour of the Knik Glacier.  We do have some extra rain gear available in limited supplies.

What should I bring?

We always recommend bug repellant – it’s standard fare for adventures in Alaska!

A camera – this area is made for cameras.

A change of clothes is always nice to have after the ride.

What’s the weather like?

Summer temperatures can get as high as 80 degrees, but generally top out around 70 degrees. Summer lows can get into the 40s and winter lows can get down to -50. The long and low sun in the summer can make it feel warmer than it is, but the constant breeze flowing from the Knik glacier keeps it comfy. That breeze and the low precipitation levels means mosquitoes are not an issue in the Knik Valley like they are in the rest of the state.

What about food?

We have snacks available for anyone who wants during scheduled stops.  At the glacier, we’ll serve a hot meal with a choice of hot beverages – including homemade hot cocoa!  This is a physically demanding activity, so we want to make sure you have plenty of energy. If you have special dietary needs, please let us know in advance so we can accommodate you.

So how do I take pictures while I’m riding?

We certainly don’t want guests riding with one hand while looking through their camera!  We have pre-selected stops along the way at the most photogenic spots on the route so you can capture the amazing scenery that you came so far to see.  This way, you can focus on enjoying the ride and still get those incredible shots! Check out our 2018 season photo gallery to see what awaits you on your ATV tour of the Knik Glacier.

Is the tour safe?

We do our best to keep everything as safe as possible.  Our experience and knowledge of the area comes into play here.  We choose the safest route available for the time of year, we are prepared for wildlife encounters, and we carry gear for any situation.  All guides are certified in first aid and carry wilderness first aid kits. We also carry GPS devices with satellite communication and emergency beacons for when we’re out of cell range.  The guides are there to keep you safe and allow you to experience the Alaskan wilderness without worries if you follow their instructions.

Is there an age restriction?

The tour is friendly to guests of all ages.  However, to drive one of the vehicles you must be at least 18 years of age.  If you are under 18, then a parent or a legal guardian must accompany you on the tour and sign the release on your behalf.

What vehicles are available?

We understand that some people like to drive solo and others like to ride with friends or family.  So we have 4-wheelers and side-x-sides to accommodate all guests. The 4-seat side-x-sides are perfect for families!  If you don’t want to drive, you’re welcome to come as a passenger.

What if I have no experience on ATVs?

No worries – we have a quick lesson on the basics of operating the vehicles and safety.  The vehicles are simple to drive, and you’ll have a hang of it within the first 5 minutes.  We take it easy at the beginning of the tour and let you get comfortable operating the machine.  Guides are always happy to help and answer questions.

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