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INCLUDED: Complimentary shuttle from Anchorage for 4 or more riders.
*Excluded from discounted trips and special offers

Half-Day Wilderness Tour
Driver: $240
Explore the Knik Valley and River and enjoy great views of the glacier in the distance. We’ll take you to Wolf’s Point, which is a great viewing area for dahl sheep. This is perfect for those traveling through towards other Alaskan destinations. But be careful, because once you get a taste, you may never want to leave!
Passenger: $160?
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Custom Photography Tours – Time Varies
Tours start at $475
Are you a photographer looking to get the best shots of Alaska? Well, we have you covered! Lighting here in the summer can be particularly tough due to the long days, so we’ll take you out for a night tour during the best lighting. Only one guide will accompany you to keep our presence minimal so that we’ll see more wildlife. Without other guests on the tour, you are in charge and you dictate trip duration and destinations and your guide will get you there safely. Whether your subject is wildlife, waterfalls, glaciers, or other features, we’ll get you there to get your shots with our local experience.
Overnight Camping
Starting Rate $800
Price is per person with a four-person minimum. Ride up to the glacier in the early evening and take advantage of the long summer days to explore around the glacier as late as you’d like. Summer nights are very quiet – you might even get the whole place to yourself! This is also the best way to capture perfect photographs during the late-evening light. A backcountry guide will join you and the other guests overnight for safety. We supply tents, sleeping gear and other basic supplies along with food and beverages. Tents hold two guests each. Wake up to the sun rising above the glacier and soak in the magical experience as you sip your coffee. We get back on the trail at 10am to head back to civilization. Overnight trips must be booked four weeks in advance.
Four-person Minimum
Corporate Retreats & Team Building
Inquire for Rate
Prices vary based on size of group, duration and activities. Six weeks advanced notice are required for these excursions and the minimum group size is eight people. Nothing brings people together better than fun and nature – except for maybe a lack of cell phone signal to go along with it! At Alaska Glacier Experience, that’s just what you get. Coworkers will work together in teams through some very tough obstacles deep in the wilderness to reach their goal first. The all-terrain vehicles will get stuck on these tricky trails and it’ll take brains, brawn, and teamwork to get through it and reach the finish. It doesn’t take long for teams to fill their rolls and hit their stride. The bonds formed out here in the muck will last a lifetime. And whichever team wins has bragging rights until they come back for a rematch!
This could also be great fun for larger families, so inquire today!

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